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RED VELVET is a chic and stylish ballroom adjacent to The Landmark at Village Hotel Bugis. RED VELVET’s one of a kind Poolside view, makes it a perfect venue for Weddings, Birthdays and Corporate Events.

This elegant ballroom is complete with projector screen, sound system, stage and smart TVs. The wide range of cuisine available will leave you spoilt for choice but also enable you to select a menu that will delight your palate.

The setting grandeur of RED VELVET, the impeccable service and the delicious food! Guests are guaranteed a wonderful experience! Be dazzled by the glittering waters of the pool under the moonlight.



Red Velvet brings together a group of professionals with extensive experience in the leisure, entertainment and communications fields both locally and internationally. We are fully equipped to provide services required in the organization of large-scale events such as conferences, product launches, team building, company retreats and more.


We don’t just love event planning…we’re married to it! Our wedding planners are on board to assist you with all the arrangements which includes wedding invitations, decorations, photography and ensuring that you get the perfect grand wedding that you dream of. We give you your special day on a silver platter so that you can enjoy every memorable moment of your wedding day. After all getting married is forever.


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With over 100+ customers hosted at Red Velvet, we know best.

Red Velvet
Address : 390 Victoria Street, #05-02 Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore 188061.
(Formally known as Landmark Village Hotel)
Hotline : (65) 6299 1512 / (65) 6299 7786

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